Our Method for Working With Scripts


Great stories and screenwriting are the foundations of White Rock Pictures LLC. Our philosophy is to find original stories that are clever and cause the viewer to feel and think, but to be aware that they have never seen something like this film story before. The story experience becomes new.

Developing good scripts comes from original thinking and envisioning the world around us, then re-writing the story until it is perfect.

At White Rock Pictures LLC, we are developing a variety of stories from a low budget film that is a new take on the classic Film Noir story and an original dark comedy about college life to an huge visionary fantasy/adventure mythic blockbuster film that is universal in worldwide appeal, and never seen before. Each one of the films, whatever its genre and budget, will offer the viewer a new experience.

We believe that great scripts and great production personnel make great films.


Social Media Promotion Resources


White Rock Pictures, LLC will be able to leverage the resources of Partner Stone’s other company, Advocacy Data. We can access Advocacy Data’s 60 million email addresses matched to full demographic/interest profiles and social media handles.  WRP’s online marketing campaigns to generate buzz will also utilize Advocacy Data’s proprietary technology to match Twitter followers to email addresses and draw upon Rogers 18 years of Internet advertising experience.


Partnership/Association with American University


American University School of Communication has a top-notch film program and we intend to leverage its resources to the fullest extent possible.  Unlike other top film schools, AU is not located in Los Angeles or NYC, so by partnering with us, they gain a pipeline for their graduates into the commercial film industry. For our part, we’ll have our pick of talented students eager to get their first real film credit.  Between 10 and 20 AU students or graduates a year will fill our entry-level positions like production assistants and may be able to be paid through subsidized work-study or internships.

Our AU connection runs deep, Partner John Weiskopf is an AU professor, former AU students under his direction wrote two of the intellectual properties we are developing and Academy Award Winning AU Professor Russell Williams serves on our Advisory Board and will work with us on developing our properties.