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Fear and Loathing in Wonderland Fear and Loathing

  • Screenwriter: Roger Alan Stone
  • Genre: College/Stoner Comedy

Nude Jell-O Slip and Slide Parties and Dorm-sponsored “Shroom-Outs”, no grades and $750 a year tuition: Fear and Loathing in Wonderland takes place in world no contemporary college kid could imagine but will wish they could have gone to – UC Santa Cruz 1980. FLW is a quirky College/Stoner/Slacker/R-Rated Youth Comedy with wide audience appeal. The movie is a hippie Animal House that pits ARTHUR the RA, a charismatic artistic genius, against PROVOST MORGAN who’s come to bring elitist Ivy League “Civilization” to undeserving public university savages.


  • Screenwriter/Producer/Documentarian: John Weiskopf
  • Genre: Documentary

UFO Symposium is a two-hour documentary drawn from exclusive gavel-to-gavel coverage of the first ever-academic UFO symposium at a major university. American University’s UFO Symposium brought together internationally recognized leaders from NASA, the military, news/television journalism – some of whom personally encountered UFOs. The Symposium subjected them to rigorous questioning from professors and students, and promoted debate amongst the panelists in public and private sessions. UFO Symposium supplements the session footage with additional interviews, historical footage and graphics illustrating the speakers’ contentions. The film also covers subsequent developments – including the spectacular public debunking of some claims and support for others and concludes with Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s call for the government to reveal the truth about Area 51 and UFO encounters.

The UFO Symposium documentary website will post all of the material from the AU event creating a destination for anyone interested in the truth about UFOs.

In Bone

Luvia Petersen

Luvia’s film and television credits include the iconic television series, Battlestar Galactica, The X Files, I Want to Believe, the CW’s The 100, Dreamwork’s Falling Skies, TNT’s Proof, and ABC/CTV’s Motive.

  • Screenwriter: Brendan Fay
  • Genre: Noir/Mystery Story

In Bone is a contemporary Film Noir thriller about a lesbian Millennial homicide detective who returns to the small town where she grew up with her wife. Coerced by the Police Chief into investigating a double murder, she uncovers the dark underbelly of the picaresque rural community. She discovers that her father’s quirky artistic nature and obsessiveness are the same qualities that make her the best at what she does. She also uncovers that her father is a serial killer; now she must stop him before he kills again.